Madras cropped-cd-cover1.pngtourist and travel agency  one of the agencies working in the field of tourist, modern construction, a strong a great composition, founded in 2013.


providing the highest levels services in the field of tourist to all customers and those interested in the field of tourist to international standards


  • the development of the fields of tourist and tourist sites
  •  Attention of foreign tourists and tour guides for them
  • Access to the international and the universal membership of the world tourist organizations
  • Community economic development.
  • Improve its performance
  •  Reduce the cost of domestic tourist to attract tourist and highlight the identity of Sudan
  • Open job opportunities for people with limited income and give them the opportunity to participate in the programs of tourist
  • Cooperation with various state agencies and organizations
  • Find innovative ways to achieve these goals

Purposes established for the agency:

  • Work in the tourist industry locally and globally
  • Work studies of the sites suitable for tourist and awareness of
  • Quest with the competent authorities for environmental and the provision of tourist services
  • Show the face of the country’s tourist unwittingly world
  •  Seeking to develop tourist in the country

Areas of the company:

  • Work in the field of tourist
  • Work on the establishment of recreational programs for groups and families
  • Definition of the concept of domestic tourist and tourist cities
  •  The development of the tourist environment
  • “tours schools and universities”
  •  The organizing of festivals, concerts and programs

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