Tourism Prospects in Sudan

Desert Tourism

Most tourists who visit Sudan, especially the Northern State and the Nile State are usually travelers who are interested in history. Those two states were the sites of all prehistory Kingdoms that prevailed for centuries, and left treasures of historical monuments, buildings and relics, some of which are still to be discovered, as the signs of recent excavations say.

But both States have other tourism prospects that can attract tourists from different parts of the world. They both have vast Saharan areas of arid land, desert, Sandy hills and mountains that can attract those who love adventure,.
These parts of Northern Sudan include three deserts: Bayuda desert, Nubian Desert and Western Desert where the famous Jebel Uweinat, with its mysterious mountains on the border with Egypt and Libya.

Bayuda desert

The word Bayuda in Arabic is derived from a word which makes the stem for the word “White” in English. The name might have come from the contrast created by the black stone mountains and the light coloured sand that are adjacent in the area.

It is the desert area within the Northern State where the river Nile seems to flow back southwards. This territory is mainly a stony desert, with various black volcanic mountain cones. This plus some low lands and dry rivers (Wadis). The acacia trees, grasses and bushes that grow there make it a good pasture land for nomadic tribes for their herds of animals especially camels, cows and donkeys.

The place is toured by nomadic tribes that use portable tents or huts built of dry wood branches.

Visitors enjoy camel riding and racing games. They also enjoy hunting wild (Ghuzlan) Gazelles. Bedwins (Desert People) there usually hunt them for their meat but most importantly for their skins which they use their leather as shoes, bags, water containers and carriers.

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