Opening of first Sudanese Film Festival

he Minister of Culture, Minister Mohammed Yousif Aldigair, British Ambassador, Dr Peter Tibber, and Head of EU Delegation, Tomas Ulicny, opened Sudan’s first ever film festival for Sudanese-made films at the Salam Rotana Hotel, Khartoum.

on the 29 January The Cultural Healing Film Festival ran in Khartoum from Monday 28 January until Wednesday 30 January showing a variety of films aboutSudanese culture and life.

At the opening of the Film Festival, Dr Peter Tibber said,

“The UK and Sudan have historical and strong cultural ties. We share a common history and many British-Sudanese artists have managed to bring together the best of both countries, whether in literature, poetry or song.

“The UK is supporting this film festival because we recognise the positive contribution that cinema makes to cultural, social and economic life in the UK. Economically, the UK film industry contributed more than £4.6 billion to the national economy in 2011. Socially, film is a tool for education, an avenue for expression, and a stimulus for creativity.

“Sudan was once at the cutting edge of film-making in Africa, making some of the continent’s best-known films in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I think it is very exciting that this week films about Sudanese life made by Sudanese film-makers are being showing in Sudan.”

During the Cultural Healing Programme, the team has gathered artists and concerned citizens to think and dream and train in the creative and technical skills of filmmaking. The Film Festival showed the films across Khartoum and in Port Sudan.

The Films:
Three of the workshops have taken place and two short films are to be screened today at the British Council and four others will be completed by April 2013. The workshop topics included also female headed households, business skills and disability in sports.
Film Shorts 1 – Musa
Directed by the Film Maker Mohammed Marzoug, “Musa” is a moving film documents the mute anguish and sorrow of a crippled and homeless civil war veteran, who injured during the war between Sudan and South Sudan and as a result he lost one of his leg, the film is showing that many war veterans are returning with severe and complex mental injuries, and that they need to be provided with rehabilitation services so as to make their re-integration into society.
Film Shorts 2 – Nile Drums
This film follows a Southern Sudanese musician as he bids a prolonged and bittersweet farewell to Khartoum, the city in which he grew up, before his repatriation to South Sudan.

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