Golden Links: Tourism Prospects in Sudan

The Northern State (2): Places to visit
Meroe City:
In the efforts towards boosting tourism in the Northern state, we have seen last time that the Dams unit in the city of Meroe set up a beautiful tourist resort hotel or what is known as Meroe tourist village. But the city of Meroe itself is a significant tourist attraction. The city which is situated on the eastern side of the River Nile contains about two hundred pyramids, dotting the city and showing it as one of the oldest civilization sites in African Continent and the Middle East.
Dongola City:
Dongola is a popular tourist spot in northern Sudan due to its strategic location beside the River Nile. The place was a site for multi past Nubian cultures. Most interesting it was the place where the “Baqt Treaty” between Muslims and Nubians. That treaty allowed the place to become the first city in Sudan to have a Mosque, the remnants of which now are a tourist attraction.
Wadi Halfa City:

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The city is a place that had seen the convergence of different Sudanese and Egyptian civilizations, and where today a lot of archaeological activities are trying to preserve the Sudanese-Egyptian antiquities around. Now it is one of the most attractive spots to tourists because of the “Nubian Lake”, which gives the tourists the opportunity to fish, swim, or go sightseeing in serenity and calm.
The place also is an attraction for local tourism, because many of its past inhabitants love to visit the place, especially “The Halfawiyeen Tribe” who were forced to migrate to the city of New Halfa in Eastern Sudan during the reign of Aboud military government in the fifties and sixties of last century. Aboud government forced them to abandon the town and their homes to give way for the Sudanese-Egyptian treaty the allowed Egypt to construct one of its most famous Economic enterprises “Lake Nassir”

By A.S. Alkoronki


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