Golden Links: Tourism Prospects in Sudan,The Northern State

The Northern State

The Northern State of Sudan was the cradle of many Nubian Kingdoms and civilizations. It has a wealth of historical monuments including Pyramids, graveyards and relics of old communities that attract tourists.
Towards boosting tourism in the state the Dams unit in the city of Meroe set up a tourist resort hotel or what is known as Meroe tourist village on 23 acres, in an area as wide as that of the former Meroe administrative center, which includes irrigated orchards and the home of the famous Jackson Pasha the General Governor of the administrative unit. The ownership of the village has turned to the “Mada” governmental company that runs the village now.
The village is located in a strategic place in the city of Meroe on the western bank of the Nile, 400 km north of Omdurman, along the “Sheriyan Shamal” road.
The Village, where the Merowe Dam is located 40 kilometers south of it, lies among the biggest tourist attractions of the Northern State, like: Gebel Barkal, the pyramids of Nuri and the historical Koru Graveyard.
The tourist village consists of hotel units in the form of two storey Villas, 4 small size Villas, each containing 6 rooms and there are 6 big Villas each one with 10 rooms, including 8 rooms as en suite wings.
The tourist village is also equipped with meeting rooms which can accommodate up to 200 people, and supplemented with two small halls.
The village contains a historical museum that displays the civilization of the old Kingdoms of Kush and Napta, a restaurant equipped with 3 Dining rooms in addition to a health club that contains an under construction gym, a swimming pool, steam baths, a sauna and a mosque beneath which is located a supermarket.
There are a number of projects under construction containing a range of sports fields, one floor villas facing the Nile River, and children playgrounds including a variety of Games, and a zoo. But what is most important of all is a project for the rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings, offices and houses that were constructed during the British and Egyptian rule of Sudan.

By A. S. Alkoronki – GMS


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