Golden Links: Tourism Prospects in Sudan, The River Nile State

The River Nile State
The River Nile State in the North of Sudan organized a “Tourism and Shopping Festival” for nearly the whole month of last January 2013.
Shendi Locality hosted the festival from the third to the 31st of January. The Festival was organized within the framework of the celebrations of the country’s anniversary of the 57th Independence Day. The festival came under the banner (An ancient civilization… A Source of values), under the auspices of Lt. Gen. Hadi Abdullah the River Nile State Governor.
The festival included tourism, heritage exhibitions, shopping, and cultural nights. It also included sports activities such as camels racing, and martial arts.
The festival was intended to boost internal and external tourism, Promote local products and boost investment in the state.
This festival was run under the new look, in Sudan, to tourism as a source of income and trade. It can boost the tottering economy of the country and add a lot to solve hard currency problems. The River Nile State is one of the richest States of Sudan in Tourism potentials. The State is particularly rich in historical Sites of Ancient Civilisations especially the sites of the Merowetic Period (593 -350 B.C.)
The Old Meroe city, the capital of Kush Kingdom, which was situated near Shendi town of today (now called Bejrawiya), on the eastern side of the River Nile, is one of The River Nile State most attractive places where there are many pyramids that serve as the main attraction for tourists. The place was famous for known names of kings and Queens like Hatshepsut and Kandaka.
Other historical sites are also situated not far away to the south east in Naqaa and Mosawarat that are famous for the Lion’s Temple and Abadamak. To the south of Shendi Bannaga historical sites also attract visitors.

By A. S. Alkoronki – GMS


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