The stem ship Sudan, The most beautiful boat cruising down the Nile

A Legendary boat

A boat inhabited by the memory of the King Fouad who received it as a gift in 1885, the memory of the Belle Époque travellers who used it, or that of Hercule Poirot who Agatha Christie had walking its decks in her writings…

Along the broad passageways, one can easily picture refined ladies with parasols and gentlemen archaeologists strolling or relaxing in comfort. With the eager anticipation of a Champollion or a Carter, we look forward to discovering the magical sites that will punctuate our journey along the Nile.

Life on board takes one gently back in time, stopping off in the early days of the last century. At the bar in the lounge, the woodwork, copper and furniture are genuine period craftworks. The walls display old photographs of visitors who made their mark in Egyptian history, such as the legendary King Farouk. The restaurant has lost nothing of its period charm, and as the velvet strains of Oum Kalsoum’s golden voice enchant us, we can settle down in comfort to enjoy the finest Egyptian cuisine. The crew is made up of both Muslims and Christians, sharing one unique relgion : service with a smile.

Cabins and Suites

Each cabin is a haven of Belle Epoque refinement and comfort, allied to  services and facilities worthy of a grand hotel.

The 5 suites and 18 cabins are laid out between the two decks, off broad passageways where the passengers can sit, relax and read in the evening, or enjoy a delicious hibiscus punch. Each cabin proudly bears a name linked to Egyptian history. On the upper deck, the Agatha Christie and Lady Duff Gordon suites, at the prow of the vessel, benefit from spectacular views over the river. The Aida and Queen Victoria suites, nestle spaciously in the gentle curves of the stern. The warm-toned wooden panelling, gilded and copper bed-frames, classical furniture and distinguished parquet floors bestow a definite period charm, revealed in every detail, such as the bathroom fittings. The decor is subtle and airy, enlivened by coloured textiles and fabrics in shades of fuschia, orange or absinthe.

Every bedroom has air conditioning.

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The Dynastic

From Luxor to Assouan

5 days / 4 night

Board the Steam Ship Sudan in Luxor for a 5 day journey through time. On this refined cruise from Luxor to Aswan, you will visit all the major archaeological sites of Upper Egypt and discover the spirit that so inspired Agatha Christie to write ‘Death on the Nile’…



Eternal river

From Assouan to Luxor

4 days / 3 nights

Departing from bustling Aswan, this 4 day cruise will journey north to the ancient city of Luxor. Cruising in the spirit of the Bell Époque, you will not miss any of the grand Pharaonic sites along the Nile Valley.





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