The Association for Promotion of Tourism to Africa APTA

Tourism is the fastest developing enterprise in  Africa and currently one of the continent’s major  investment opportunities, viewing its 6% growth  the countries of Africa can be divided into three groups relative to tourism:

1) those countries with a developed tourism industry,

2) those with a developing industry.

3) those that would like to develop a tourism industry.

The successful countries in tourism are thriving due to a variety of factors. Counties like Morocco and Tunisia benefit from their beautiful beaches and their relative proximity to Europe. Tourism in Egypt is based on the rich history of Ancient Egypt, pyramids and artifacts. South Africa and Kenya benefit from wild safari expeditions, attracting tourists to see the wildlife of Africa.

It may take some time before Africa catches up with Europe, which received 480 million tourists last year. But as international arrivals hit the milestone of 1 billion worldwide in 2012, Africa should aim for a bigger slice of the pie. The right infrastructure, safety and security, and effective communication of the continent’s attractions can be starting points.

creates networking and marketing opportunities for its members, and serves as a platform for buyers and sellers in the African travel and hospitality industry to meet, mingle, learn from each other and do business. Individual members are travel agents and tour operators in the USA who already sell Africa, or are interested in selling Africa as a tourist destination. Corporate members are the tourist boards of African countries

About APTA

As the travel industry moves steadily towards specialization in destination, lifestyle, niche markets and other segments, Africa is emerging as a strong favourite with agents looking for a lucrative and rewarding destination to focus on or add to their offering. The continent answers particularly well to the growing demands for experiential travel, voluntourism, sustainable tourism, family/multi-generational travel, exotic honeymoons and of course, the bucket-list of places people want to see before they die. Deciding to sell Africa may not be difficult, but reaching the right people in the business to deal with, and finding the best companies to build relationships with, can be a daunting undertaking. Enter APTA, the Association for Promotion of Tourism to Africa. APTA is a non-profit, volunteer, B-2-B association of travel professionals on a mission to promote Africa and her islands as tourist destinations to the retail travel agents and tour operators in the United States.

  • Our executive and chapter board officials are travel professionals, already actively involved in various other capacities throughout the industry. They share their time and resources voluntarily out of a common passion for the African continent and Indian Ocean islands, their potential as travel destinations, and for the benefits of tourism to their environments and peoples.
  • Our individual members are travel agents and tour operators in the USA who already sell Africa, or are interested in selling Africa as a tourist destination.
    Our corporate members are the tourist boards of African countries, airlines that operate flights in and into Africa, hotels, lodges, operators and other service providers in the Africa and the USA.
  • We strive to create networking and marketing opportunities for all our members, and to be the primary point of contact for buyers and sellers in the African travel and hospitality industry.
  • Our online directory of active members is a comprehensive register of African travel suppliers, products, representatives and services.

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