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Sanganeb is a huge coral atoll located further offshore (> 25 km) arising from a steep sea-floor (> 800 m) forming one of the most famous and unique oceanic atoll in the Red Sea and marked by a British built lighthouse. From far you can see the 50m lighthouse which was built between 1956 and 1964. Being here you really should climb the 268 steps and enjoy the view you can catch of this magnificent reef. The lighthouse has been renovated since 1998 and sun collectors and current replace the old methods now. Sanganeb is protected underwater park since 1990 and one of the most dived reefs in Sudan.

Thanks to its 50 m high lighthouse, the Sanganeb Reef is visible from a long distance. The 12 km2 zone has been a protected area since 1990. The reef rises sharply 800 m from the sea floor.

Reef description: Going over to the south lagoon the entries are very small. The lagoon in the north is deeper and reaches 48m. The main attraction of this reef is the outside reef of Sanganeb! The current can be strong, but this is the reason there is a good chance to see big fish.
The south side with the south-west plateau:Most dives are made here. The reason is obvious: an enormous amount of corals and fish. The wall is falling down from 10 to 35m. After this the reefs is going straight down into the deep. The upper part of the reef is a good place for underwater photographers. On the southwest plateau you can either follow the plateau or choose the outside reef. The outside reef will offer gray reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and blacktip sharks. Turtles will be there and if the time of year is right mantas. The plateau is covered with coral pillars which are decorated with soft corals. Barracuda schools are circling around.

The north plateau:Because the south plateau is considered to be the highlight of Sanganeb the north plateau is not dived that much. It starts at a depth of 4 meter. The current can be strong here. At a depth of 25m you will find a canal. Most of the time the current will be that stong swimming against it is not possible. All kind of beautiful soft corals and fish are worth to look at. At a depth of 40m there is another plateau running to 60m. This place offers a big chance to meet sharks! Gray reef sharks and hammerheads will come out of the blue and sweep over the plateau.


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