Henna, Fashion and Tradition

Henna is a tree ; it grows in North Africa. There are many kinds of Henna trees but only one kind is the one that makes a good, rich Henna color. And that is AlDamer Henna in North Sudan. Ladies in North African use Henna for fashion to decorate their skin with beautiful shapes similar to tattoo shapes, but its not permanent and stays in the skin for about a month or less. There are two kinds of Henna colors, red and black. But it depends on how the dough is prepared.

The paste is put into a cone that can be made of a sturdy plastic bag, and then it is used like a pen to draw beautiful drawings on the hands or feet. It is left to dry, then washed off. It’s as easy as that.  If you are careful, your henna can last for over a month before fading away.  Henna is not only for women but also for men. They put it on their hands and feet in their weddings.

In the groom’s  “Henna party ” before the wedding, his mother, sisters, and get  together , sit  on a decorated bed and put henna on his feet  and  hands (not drawing) meanwhile, all his female relatives will be singing and dancing, and his brother and friends all get one hand “


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