Shopping IN Khartoum

What’s the fun in traveling if you can’t bring home some local delights to show off! Tell us the best places to shop in Khartoum. Is Khartoum known for its department stores, trendy boutiques, antique shops or outdoor markets? What are the specialities and where can you find a bargain?

Reviews from VirtualTourist Members

any: Fruit and vegetables

by uglyscot

The best place to buy fruit and vegetables is from the vegetable market or roadside stalls or sellers. the produce will be fresh, delivered that day from the farms. In Sudan small farmers rarely use artificial or chemical fertilizers, so the food is tasty. i like to see the irregular shapes of the vegetables, which are more natural than the rows of cloned-like vegetables found in European supermarkets.Often you are invited to select your own. Most vegetables are good, and the fruit is particularly delicious especially the mangoes.The variety of vegetables and fruit varies according to the seasons, though nowadays imported fruit is becoming available. In season the produce can be dirt cheap, but out of season be prepared to pay a lot.

any local market: local crafts

by awladhassan

In Khartoum there are shops selling all sorts of crafts at high prices. Tto get a bargain go instead to any local market and haggle when you see something you like. Items made of straw- hats, baskets and food coversitems made of wood- carvedstatues, dishesitems made of ostrich feathers- feather dusters, fansitems made of leather or skin- shoes, bags, decorative plaquesitems made of copper or bras- traysitems made of non-forest products like gourds, dom nutslocal substitutes- shoes made of car tyres, burners made of old lamp bulbs or tinsbeadssilver jewelleryThere are so many things and all made by local craftsmen or women from local materials apart from the copper or brass goods, silver and bone, other items can be bought fairly cheap

Libyan Souk, Omdurman: Buying traditional head gear

by grets

Several of our party wanted to go native and wear the local head cloth called shamagh, instead of a hat, so Michael took us to a stall which sold the lengths of cloth used to tie this cloth. We paid 150 dinar for each cloth, which is around US$6

AlSouq Al-Afranjee: It’s a European style shopping center where both foreigners and locals come frequently for buying different branded items. It is lined with stores selling foreign appliances, foreign trade agents and airline offices. Foreigners taking flights to Khartoum come to this place to buy quality items at reasonable rates. The specialty items sold at this place are; gold and silver jewelry, beads and local handicrafts.

Al Souq Arabi: If you want to see crowds and action, this is the place. The commercial heart of town, Souq Arabi (Arabian Market) can provide everything you need (see “Buy” section for more details on shopping options). The market is huge and spread over several squares in the center of Khartoum proper just south of the Great Mosque (Mesjid al-Kabir) and the minibus station. Come here to see Khartoumites go about their daily lives


oasis mall in Khartoum Opened at  the first of November 2011 the project and Khartoum is the largest oasis and the first modern shopping center with world-class cost $ 220 million. The mall, which includes an estimated area of ​​46.580 to the distinctive trademarks, including the Face Max, baby shop


the mall and office towers they are excited to dramatically open the first shopping center features a global, noting that the role of the Oasis Centre for shopping is contributing to the activation of a new lifestyle by providing a unique experience and distinctive for the first time in Sudan, he added. Pioneers in the industry we offer a new experience for the culture of shopping in the city of Khartoum as the Oasis Centre will elevate the concept of a new shopping and providing global brands and at an affordable price and the latest products and fashion world in an atmosphere of family fun and so will attract not only residents of the city of Khartoum, but all the population in all parts of the country. affirming their pride to enter into long-term partnership with tenants and attract customers all the names of large, global and therefore we together we are a strong team is always trying for the bette



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