Golden Links: Tourism and Marketing Fair in Khartoum (2)

Trying to reactivate internal tourism and attract foreign tourists The Sudanese and its States governments launched a number of Touristic fairs and activities, the last of which was the International Tourism and Marketing Fair in Khartoum on April 8 to 12.
The Fair in Khartoum was launched under the slogan, “Together towards Effective Tourism in Society and Economy”. The one that was launched in Port Sudan, The capital of the Red Sea State a few months ago was under the slogan or title “The Red Sea, Title of Tourism in Sudan”
Officials usually claim that their fairs’ aim besides the economic gains of reactivating, boosting internal tourism and attracting foreign tourists, they also serve many other purposes. They reflect the cultural and ethnic heritage of the Sudan together with its ancient history. The Minister of Tourism, said to the local media that Khartoum’s fair is meant to increase concept of unity through cultural coverage, to consolidate and increase partnership with the private sector; to preserve and keep the identity of Sudanese and their traditional industries as well as developing their loyalty to the homeland.
The Red Sea State Wali (Governor) sparked an internal competition between his capital, Port Sudan and Khartoum by saying: “Through this festival, we try to raise the area as one of the most important tourist spots in Sudan,” and boasted that the Red Sea resorts have distinguished tourist characteristics and enjoy great maritime lives, coral reefs and tourist relating activities such as diving, underwater photography and fishing. This while Khartoum State and The Sudan’s Federal Government Tourism and Wildlife Minister Mohamed Abdul-Karim Al-Hud early this month declared that the National Capital is the main attractor for internal and foreign tourists, and that over 5 million tourists had visited Khartoum and Sudan in 2012 and earned the country over US$600 million. This, if proved true and maintained this level, and continued developing will put tourism as one of the main economic industries in Sudan

By A. S. Alkoronki

Sudan vision daily


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