“Great atmosphere, food and ice cream”

Reviewed April 5, 2012

Reviewed April 5, 2012

recently spent a week in Khartoum with my parents and boyfriend and we went to Ozone on several occaisions both for meals and for snacks and in particular their cakes and Ice Cream, which are delicious!

The first time we visited was for lunch and between us we ordered the Chicken Panini, Spag Bol, Chicken & Mushroom Pasta and the Asian Salad, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I also had the burger for lunch later in the week which I have to say was absolutely amazing.

On the other occiasions we visited it was for drinks, cakes and Ice Cream. I would recommend the Ice Cream in particular as they have lots of different flavours and prices are reasonable.

images (5)
With the outdoor patio seating, there are tables with parasols as well as more comfy sofas if you’re just there for a coffee / drink and the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. Especially nice in the evening when the water fountain is lit up and sitting out in the warm evening air is great.

If I were to make one negative comment it would just be that the car park was often full, but as it’s situated on a roundabout (although you’d never know it when you’re there) there are places to park at the side of the road.

One final thing to say is that the toilets are very well appointed and were always immaculate when I visited.images

“Best Hang-out spot in K – Town!”

Reviewed April 21, 2013

Reviewed April 21, 2013

This is hands down the best night out spot for everyone in K town!

located in the heart of khartoum in a circular round-about manner.. ozone has got an absolutely calming and serene atmosphere at night. table chairs and furniture is arranged very well in a paris-style cafe manner with burst of water mist shooting out occasionally from the piping above.

the cafe has a great selection of what a cafe should have.

everything from delicious pastries to small snacks to big omelette dishes for your appetite.

ice creams are just great and the cafe and frappes are prepared well.

the Price range is on the higher side with costs of some pastries leading up to as much as 25 SDG!

but hands-down it is the best hangout spot in k-town…do visit!


“The place to meet in Khartoum”

Reviewed January 1, 2013

Reviewed January 1, 2013

There is precious little for foreigners to do in Khartoum, and Ozone is like an Oasis in the desert. I go every day and it proxies as a second office. Good cappucino, good food (pasta dishes especially), UK papers daily, very pleasant staff and chjoice of being inside in aircon comfort or outside under the trees. Toilets at a high standard and very clean (assume same for the Ladies’).


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