Nubian Rest House in Karima

Karima is a small town located on the west bank of the Nile which developed at the foot of the holy mountain “Jebel Barkal” that in the ancient time was known as Napata, the capital of the Kingdom of Kush. The long history of Napata dates back to the 1.075 b.C. and it raised to glory ruling over the Lower and Upper Egypt, during the XXV Black Pharaohs Dynasty (750 – 653 b.C.); the many archaeological sites in the area are the physical remains of this rich history.
At the foot of the Jebel Barkal, there is our NUBIAN REST HOUSE, a charming boutique hotel with 22 A/C twin rooms (all with private facilities), a delicious restaurant and a pleasant veranda where to sit in the cool starry nights.
The rest house is tastefully decorated, starting from the original Nubian door where the guests enter the property, to the open air lobby, to the living room where to rest or read a book.
The rooms have 2 large single beds all with private bathroom (with shower, sink, mirror, wc and a bidet) and a small veranda in front which opens up to a green grass area. Care for details is our passion, and it is easy to understand this when you see the Rest House.

The hotel is opened all year round and it is supervised by an Italian manager (between October and April) together with well-trained Sudanese staff.

50 km north of Karima there is the Merowe dam which was completed in April 2008 and now forms a very large artificial lake.

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