The Hungarian Sunset

BRUMĂREL | Iosif Trif Photo & Text Archive

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is famous in Europe for it’s unique sunsets. Many people who come from the East, especially from Romania, try to arrive in Budapest in time to catch the dusk. I don’t know what makes the sunset there so unique, it’s the geography of the place.

Once you enter Hungary, you need to present your passport if you are a non-EU citizien and your ID if you are a EU-citizen.

It’s awesome how we can cross the border today, with the least formalities. Soon, in the near future, we will be able to cross the border even without showing our ID cards.

I came to Hungary by train. Once you cross the border, everyone’s phones started to receive text messages. It’s like an inventory to hear every traveler’s ringtone. You get messages that let you know how much it costs to call and surf online from your phone.

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