Sudan Film Factory

With the Sudan Film Factory , we want to make the skills of young Sudanese talents, the films “Made in Sudan,” improve and expand and bring the Sudanese public with films, film production and cinema in contact. With the help of Sudanese, regional and international networks a cultural exchange takes place, which results in the exchange of ideas, opinions and aesthetic approaches with it. In this context, also the values ​​of all stakeholders be debated and questioned, and social, cultural and geographical boundaries. Efforts of Sudan Film Factory have a professionalization causes that led to the first appearance of modern Sudanese movies on larger cultural events .

The training in 2010 had six movies produced, is the success of the enthusiastic audience applause. Meanwhile, these films have participated in several international competitions and festivals. At present we carry a large number of new, young talent in the creative area of the movie. , the Sudan Film Factory has over thirty participants to use different techniques in different stages of production – training – screenplay, camera work and editing to directing. The ambitious project, the film relates the multi-faceted factory Sudan Sudan with a film culture that lists a hundred years of history this year. We thank each one of our many sponsors from Egypt, Iraq, Germany, Syria and Sudan, which have adopted a project that was once just an idea. Through their active support these ideas is now a reality. Finally, we would also like to thank all those who have remained patient in the absence of a Sudanese contemporary cinema. We promise to do our best to support the development of cinema and film culture and to put the Sudanese dream factory again.


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  1. Marcela Ascencio


    I’m trying to get in touch with Sudan Film Factory, about their film Nomads that we would like to show in Colombia. I would be thankful if you can help me finding their contact info. Saludo.

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