A Waterfall Paradise; Part 2

Costa Rica Home Living

This is the second part to our A Waterfall Paradise blog. What I failed to mention in the first part is, the Carvajal Family’s farm is next to the western side of the  Braulio Carrillo National Park. There is a forest ranger’s observation station not far from their cabin.Mami Jacket

Here I am shivering with cold. I have never been cold since we moved to Costa Rica, but that day I was under dressed in my windbreaker. At the end of the day, when we got to the car, all wet and cold, but content, I looked at the outdoor temperature reading and it was 12ºC or 53ºF.

Water flow
The water was spring water and much colder than the air temperature.

Red Leaf

River FlowPink MushroomSide WaterfallPoking Mountain  Pouring over the sideFern

Horse and MountainWater Falls Far with RocksLeafs Before Falls

Sun Setting SilhouettesA beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. My daughter was challenged when taking the pictures, because the humidity kept on  fogging her lens. However…

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