Red Sea Resorts in Sudan

 based on the Sudanese Red Sea. It is located 30 kms North of Port Sudan Town, capital of the Red Sea State , which is 1200 kms from Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan.
The SRSR is North of Port Sudan,  on the  27 kms,  off  the 360 kms coastal Port Sudan-Suez highway to Egypt. The SRSR is an one-hour drive from Port Sudan International Airport, 25 kms south of Port Sudan Town.
The SRSR is within close reach to the most beautiful diving reefs of Sudan such as Sanganeb and Shub Rumi. It is situated in a very rich natural environment of stunning landscape, sea, mountains and the abundantly rich coral reefs of Sudan.The SRSR is built on top of a hard coral rock plateau facing the sea, with its back to a long range of Red Sea mountains.
You will be travelling to the Republic of Sudan in North-East Africa.
Sudan is a separate country from the new South Sudan.
Sudan is  a country  of diverse tribes with different local languages,  sharing Arabic as the official language.  It’s a moslim country.
North Sudan is a country of different topographic nature.
To the North is its fertile rich Nile and archeological sites;
To the East its virgin Red Sea and massive coral reefs, the great Red Sea mountainous and plenty of mineral wealth;
To the West lush cattle grazing herds plains.
Red Sea State
The Red Sea State is the land of the Beja and Hadandowa tribes that have their own tribal local languages. Arabic is predominantly spoken with a local dialect and a fair amount of English can be understood.
The tribes of the East are notable for  their beautiful  colorful women’s clothing, and the men with a very distinctive black vest – (seedery local)  with  white robes .
Port Sudan
The capital of the Red Sea State. It holds Sudan’s port to the red sea.
It’s a well established town with good infrastructure, services, hotels and pleasant environment.
It has an international airport.
International flights come to Port Sudan on
Saturday from Cairo – Sudan Airways
Monday from Dubai – flyDubai
Daily, three local  flights come to Port Sudan from Khartoum , Sudan’s Capital.
Every day busses leave from Khartoum to Port Sudan and vice versa around 6 am.
Port Sudan is 600 kms from Khartoum, on a well-paved road .
Travel within Sudan can be arranged  by the SRSR.
The lodge van transports guests to and from the airport or bus terminal in Port Sudan


The SRSR is built on top of a hard coral rock plateau facing the sea, with its back to a long range of Red Sea mountains.The area is a habitat to a number of sea birds and Eagles such as the Capasian stern, Flamingos and Saunder stern. Camels come to graze or quench their thirst around the shore near the resort. Beja camel herders roam in the nearby open plains. The SRSR is a showcase of the start of eco tourism in Sudan, beautiful landscaping and Sudanese art and artisans incorporated in its walls and grounds.

It’s a dream come true.

The SRSR has two kinds of accommodation .

10 bungalows  capacity 20+
10 en-suite       capacity 20

The bungalows are located on the western wing of the SRSR.,facing North-West catching the North-Eastern breeze and a beautiful Red Sea Mountains sun set. The wooden bungalows are comfortably made and each bungalow has a private porch.. Its minimalist interior design  incorporates natural materials and locally designed furniture, and is aesthetically appealing. The bungalow is furnished with 2 single beds, 2 chairs, a table and a cupboard.

The En-suite
The new addition to the SRSR is the en-suite  facing East with a complete view of the Red Sea. Comprised of a porch, small lounge,  bathroom, and bedroom with double bed, and artistically decorated interior embedding the colourful culture of the Red Sea Beja tribes.

Your stay and services are taken care of by diligent, helpful staff in this beautiful setting of sea and mountainous landscape which deserves no less than the BEST.


The SRSR restaurant has a closed sitting area for approximately 70 persons.
The open terrace that can seat  up to  200 persons.
The restaurant provides  meals for our residing guests and external guests and buffets, and an a la carte menu is served at the restaurant, with an  extensive menu of Sudanese/MiddleEastern/European/Vegetarian dishes.
The food is prepared by a meticulous team.

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Please complete the form on the website and if you need further information,  you are welcome and  will be answered gladly.


See You Soon…..


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