Arkawit, an east side story

Arkawit is a summer and winter resort area known commonly as the clouds’ tower. Arkawit is located on a high plateau some 205 Km south west of Port Sudan, 39 km from the Red Sea coast, and is accessible by land from all directions. Arkawit is a resort area offering peaceful relaxation on a mountainous region of unspoiled grandeur with an altitude of 1200m. above sea level. The highest summit in Arkawit the summit of AI Sit MT. (2000 metres above sea level) Rain falls on Arkawit both in winter and summer. Therefore, Arkawit is a homeland for different species of vegetation growing wildly including the endemic Huhuba tree, and visitors will have a chance to see Nubian Ibex known to the locals people as the mountain goat. Its weather is mild most of the year with tendency to coolness during the winter. In the summer the heat does not exceed 35 degrees.

The Bija tribes who are still maintaining theirown languages, customs and crafts encircle Arkawit. The area is famous for the work of iron and silver smiths and people craft beautiful necklaces, arm bands, silver chains and earrings. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful resort areas in the country.

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