Parliamentary Committee Identifies Causes of Erratic Power Supply in Nyala

Khartoum – The Energy and Mining Committee identified the causes of erratic power supply in the city of Nyala. The committee made the remarks in response to the urgent question raised by MP Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim over the crisis of electricity in the city.

Parliamentary Committee

Parliamentary Committee

The committee revealed in the report presented by Dr. Omer Adam Rahma the main reasons behind the erratic power supply in the city after discussion of the problem with relevant bodies. He said transportation and insecurity are the main causes of the power crisis because convoys and trains transporting fuel are being attacked by rebel movements.

Only 33% of the city’s electricity need is supplied, it said, adding that rehabilitation of roads and linking Darfur with the National Capital would be the way-out.

The report stated that only $260 million dollars are needed to fund the process of linking Darfur with the national grid. The committee recommended consolidation of efforts to secure transportation of fuel and generators to Nyala which needs 20 megawatt a day. The head of the committee called on the Ministry of Finance to provide SDG 250 million, being cost of transportation of fuel.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Electricity and Dams, Osama Abdellah said his Ministry is coordinating with the Islamic Development Bank and the Arab Development Bank to link Darfur with the national grid during the coming months.

The MPs attributed recent insecurity incidents in Nyala to the blackout all over the city. The report of the committee was endorsed by majority vote.

The same session also approved the report of the committee for culture, information, tourism and youths presented by Ms Afaf Tawer.

Minister of Tourism Abdul Karim Al-Hud concurred with the remarks of the MPs and pledged to give them due consideration to boost tourism to generate foreign currency for the country.

By Mohamed Abdallah,


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