Saudi Expert Calls for Sudan’s Tourism Highlight

Mr. Khalid Bin Abdul Rahman

Mr. Khalid Bin Abdul Rahman

Saudi Arabia has taken a wide stride to establish touristic sites to encourage internal tourism using high promotion campaigns to develop small business for residents.
Sudan Vision met the Saudi touristic expert Mr. Khalid Bin Abdul Rahman who visited Sudan to participate in Sudan International Tourism and Marketig Festica. He presented many lectures at the first session of Sudanese touristic reporters, he also elaborated on Saudi Arabia tourist experience and provided many advises to promote Sudan’s tourism.

Q: At the beginning, tellus about Saudi Arabia tourism experiences?

A: The Saudi experience had begun before thirty years ago with deferent festivals and forums. The main goals for that were to reduce the great numbers of Saudi civilians who were seeking tourism aboard and establish tourism sites for internal tourism also to encourage families to establish small touristic businesses especially in Aseer area.

Q: What are touristic potentials in Saudi Arabia?

A: All the potentials are provided by the nature, like landscape, weather, but Saudi Arabia used to conduct many forum and festivals annually to present the Saudi culture, heritage and society also to provide all services for tourists.
Q: Is there any differences between tourism in Sudan and Saudi Arabia?
A: Sudan is rich with touristic potentials in addition to the River Nile, Saudi Arabia does not have a resource like the Nile, weather and landscape like in Sudan.

Q: How did Saudi Arabia overcome touristic challenges?
A: The Saudi community applied touristic awareness as first, and then the concerned bodies achieved direct plans in the way of creating tourist areas and activated touristic media.

Q: What is future of Arab tourism?

A: In my opinion, I think the Arab tourism was affected by Arabic spring last days ,but I believe that the deterioration would not continue for along time because many Arab countries depend on touristic revenues.The nationals of these countries would put pressure on their governments to provide facilities to realize stability of tourism.

Q: What is needed to develop Sudan’s tourism in your opinion?

A: Sudan has rich tourist potentials, different weather; I think Sudan should conduct annual festivals for all states, train all workers in tourism field, promote and reflect touristic sites according to the Internal and International media. Sudanese people should participate in touristic promotion.
The Sudanese media should highlight touristic opportunities in a right way, using the internet sites, TV, Radio channels and other international touristic media.

By Ibrahim Al-Jack,


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