Hotels in Parga Greece

hotelsparga is comprehensive online booking of hotels, resorts, apartments, villas and studios in Parga,Greece and the region, as well as high quality holiday travel services that are so essential for the modern traveler.


Special offers in Parga Greece

Being a local independent travel booking directory, we can provide guarantee of no extra fees, comprehensive hotel range and instant special offers update.


Parga Holidays – Hotelsparga

Tourism Agency & Car Rental

Ag. Athanasiou 9, 48060 Parga / Greece

Tel.: +30 26840-31650, -31560, -32017

Fax: +30 26840-32066


We provide our customers with the lowest hotel rates available.

Being a 100% local owned company, operating in Parga, Greece, you are surely in the safe hands.


Parga Beach Resort 

Parga Beach Resort has a superb location directly on Valtos Beach. It offers a choice of Suites or Superior bungalow style accommodation over…

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