Rashid Diab art center

     The RDAC stands as a strong and strikingly beautiful Sudanese building. In the design of the Centre, Rashid Diab celebrates the artisan tradition of the rural landscape that has been a central motif in his paintings. We notice the characteristic domes and arches, the rooms within rooms often found in Sudanese villages along the Nile.


 Studios, exhibition spaces, accommodations for “Artists-in-Residence” along with office functions occupy the five villas and a large adjourning garden. Exploring the Centre is akin to stepping inside a Diab paining. Diab himself has individually created each room and gallery. Nubian inspired geometric and sinuous ochre along with red etching on the walls are played off against the sudden light falling through a mounted colored glass mosaic on a roof.

The cultural movement in the Sudan has suffered more than half a century of confusion and identify crises. It desperately seeks a modern creative identity in an environment that is entrenched in static traditional perspectives.

    There is malaise in the body of Sudanese arts that hinders its growth, and fogs its vision of the future, and this has prevented the evolution of art. It is high time that civil society and the government join together hand and hand to build a cultural movement.

     Together they can renew Sudan’s cultural experience from which a system of evaluation and authenticity can be derived. The arts are an intrinsic part of the current discourse on peace and general humanitarian development, for Art is a means of expressing the soul of a people.

Goals of the Rashid diab Art Center (RDAC):

1.   The Understanding and Development of Sudanese visual arts.

2.  Make formative arts and design accessible to the public and improve their awareness.

3.  Introduce exhibitions of Contemporary art, organize lectures, seminars and conferences.

4.  Work to help the artist develop production skills in  formative arts, calligraphy and handcrafts of the highest standard.

5.  To benefit from the experience of constructing a foundation for Sudanese culture and the advancement of technology in the field of archives, restoration, printing and publishing in the fine and applied arts.

The Rashid Diab Arts Centre is a source of inspiration and information for all. Set in a secluded area of Khartoum where you will get peace and quite from the buzzing city.

The Gallery

The Gallery is one of the finest features of our Centre. The leading venue for Contemporary Arts in Sudan, we encourage the display of distinguished and intuitive artists to share their work with the public.

The Gallery is unique for the selection of paintings, drawings, etching, sculpture and photography, as well as chosen works from the advanced student workshops. This intimate experience is very different from any other gallery in Khartoum.

The Gallery

The Gallery

          The over-all space of the Centre and especially the Gallery was carefully designed to use the beauty of natural light and color. Each window was meticulously placed to bring in minimum heat, and therefore, less energy spent to cool rooms.


Every Sunday evening at 8:30pm we host a forum to discuss recent issues in Art, Culture and Society. We try to bring the Sudanese community closer together to learn new information and understand new ways and ideas.

The Gate to Sudanese Civilization

The Gate to Sudanese Civilization”

          What makes our social forum different from others in Khartoum is the variety in age, gender, ethnicity and social background seen in the audience, as it is also a beautiful sample of Sudan itself. By listening to each other and solving problems together we will go a long way in Sudan’s social and economic development after years of conflict and separation.

          The forum is usually held in the open-air theater that’s surrounded by the lush garden. Coffee and tea is served to our numerous guests and eclectic live music and theatrical performances are part of the stimulating program. So you will naturally feel at home and never want to end an evening of awareness and entertainment.


 The Children’s department of the Rashid Diab Arts Centre was established in January 2006, with the aim of educating children ranging from 5-15 years old in the arts.  We have developed a curriculum geared to enhance a child’s creative talent through an annual membership and monthly summer workshops (April-July) each followed by an exhibition as a way to stimulate his expressive abilities

          Our workshops are thought and supervised by a group of trained art teachers and psychologist. First, we try to give, share, and care for our students, so as to create a sense of mutual support and social belonging. These qualities that will be beneficial to them as well as their community at large. Then, we try to bring out qualities that will be drawn and carved onto them, as they too, draw and carve to express their creative impulses. In addition to carving and drawing, the children will also have the opportunity to color, paint, design and mould clay.


We offer basic, intermediate and advanced classes in drawing, painting, printmaking, potting and sculpture throughout the year. Some of our advanced classes are programmed according to the demand, so we advise all of our participants to fill out the Workshop Application Form and send it via e-mail, mail or drop the application at the RDAC during our working hours.

The Centre also provides “Live-In” space for Artists and Curators within the Center’s five villas. Each villa is equipped with a full kitchen, a dinning room, bathrooms, balconies and rooftop access. These facilities were made to make things easier for visiting artists during the “Artists-In-Residence” program, to learn more, please email us at,info@rashiddiabartscentre.net.



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