Conscious Evolution and My African Mind


If our so-called conscious evolution causes us to wink at the plight of our own people, our land, our culture, and our story, then it really isn’t consciousness at all. How can we be one with the Universe when we are still so scattered right here on Earth?


When I first made the decision to leave Christianity as a belief system, I had no idea that my path would lead me right back home to Mother Africa. Like most Africans in America, I’d been raised with the idea that we were nothing more than former slaves struggling to find our place in the world. To be fair, my father tried, with his limited understanding, to engender some form of cultural pride in me. He taught me about the 60’s, and specifically, the Black Panther Party. He was fascinated with H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, and Huey P. Newton. He loved their…

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