Ministry Organizes Workshops on Effective Tourism in Society and Economy

Khartoum – On the sidelines of the Tourism and Marketing Fair which started on the April 8th, 2013, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife in cooperation with Sudan Centre for Tourism Information and Arab Tourism Organization organized a training workshop for the Sudanese reporters over the Tourism Information Contribution in Development.
For his part, Arab Tourism Organization representative emphasized during the workshop the importance tourism information in developing the communities and the history.

He said that the Tourism and Marketing Fair is considered an initiative to reflect the concern of the State towards this effective sector.
The Arab Tourism Organization representative said that this fair represents a considerable leap in the roadmap of the tourism sector.
It is to be noted that the fair is planned as an annual economic, tourist, investment and cultural activity which will be attended by national and international companies plus most Tourism sectors in the country.
The objectives of the fair are to encourage and enhance domestic tourism as well as attract more international tourists to Sudan annually, and aiming at highlighting the tourism potentials of the country and making tourism a truly major revenue earner, and all that through the cooperation between all aspects of tourism sectors.
Cultural tourism in Sudan has a great potential for there are plenty of ancient historical monuments covering most of the Northern and middle parts of Sudan, where ancient famous Kingdoms had flourished; this plus the cultural variety created by the multi religious and ethnic diversity all over the country.
The spectacular natural scenery along the Nile cataracts, the deserts, mountains and rich valleys, natural forests and reserves, and the sandy beaches along the Red Sea can attract armies of tourists from around the world and from inside the country itself.
The Sudanese government is trying to reactivate internal tourism and attract foreign tourists so a number of tourism activities have been performed last year. The Red Sea State Government has launched its sixth Tourism and Shopping Festival last November to claim the number one tourist State in Sudan for its distinguished tourist characteristics including some of the purest beaches in the world, besides sea islands and natural reserves. The States of Kassala, the Nile State, the Northern State have all followed suit.
The success of this fair will be a good opportunity to cause tourism marketing mobility and highlight the tourism potentials of the country and revitalize this lucrative industry.
The Fair was preceded by a carnival along the Nile beach where the guests sailed in a journey along the beach along with presentation to some of the tourism activities by the Ministry’s units.


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