Assistants of the President open Sudan first international Tourism and marking

the assistants of the  president Abdul Rahman Sadiq al-Mahdi and Jaafar al-Mirghani opened the Carnival Sudan first international Tourism and marketing fair  yesterday afternoon at Nile Street in front of the communications tower, which opens this evening for the  Khartoum International exhibition and will continue until the twelfth of this month. Celebration included Cruises delegations and folk dances and heritage and display of wild animals.

Mohamed Abdel Karim Hidd and Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and wildlife Said in a statement (SUNA) that highlighted aaThe objectives of this exhibition is to establish the presence of Sudanese in the global tourism market, and increased foreign coming tour of the country, and to highlight the potential of enormous tourist Sudan, and attract Arab and foreign investments.

The minister added that the exhibition will contain events multiple, reflecting the diversity of Sudan and richness, and comes including Nile cruises and offers popular and folk and jockeys and horses, boats, and shows the states and shows art, contests and prizes from tour operators and honoring the pioneers in the field of tourism
Etc. .. Making it achieve a qualitative leap in the Sudanese tourism industry to world-class status, also aims to promote the culture of tourism center of the Sudanese society


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