Medical tourism: A global stampede for affordable care


If you’re considering surgery and a vacation this year, you may want to combine the two.

Medical tourism is booming, thanks to the massive savings that can be had if you’re willing to trust in foreign doctors.

In India, angioplasties go for around US$11 000, one-ninth the going rate in the United States.

The facelift that rings in at around US$12 000 in the United Kingdom can be had for US$1 800 in Brazil.

These are the benefits medical tourists are increasingly discovering, a result of the growing awareness that no one country has a monopoly on health care and that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality.

“Medical tourism has grown significantly in the last 10 to 15 years, especially in the developing world,” says Harvard law professor Glenn Cohen, author of “Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics” and “The Globalization of Health Care.”

“The revenues generated by…

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