Minister Mr.Zaazou :The launching of an African Tourism Organization

In the framework sought by the Ministry of Tourism to restore the movement rates of incoming tourist and access to the rates in 2010 (the peak year) and work on opening new tourism markets .. Directed by the Egyptian Minister of Tourism, to Sudan as part of the delegation accompanying Mr. President Mohamed Morsy; were held a number of professional meetings and officials with the representatives of the tourism sector Sudanese, were also signed an executive program for tourism cooperation between the two countries.


The Minister Mr. Hisham Zaazou, confirmed that the executive program signed reflects the desire of the governments of Egypt and Sudan to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, adding: it includes a number of items, which covers many areas and tourist including: activation and promotion of tourism, where the text of this item on the exchange of information The brochures and promotional materials and Statistics tourism, in addition to the exchange of participation in fairs and festivals and events tourism, in addition to encouraging cooperation between companies, travel agencies and tourism in both countries to organize tour packages priced incentive, especially in the areas of safari tourism and medical tourism and exchange of visits of officials, journalists and representatives of various media to get to know tourism potential of both countries.

The Minister Mr. Hisham Zaazou added: that the second item on tourism investment falls below a number of sub-items, namely: interest in encouraging businessmen and investors to establish tourism projects in the new tourist areas, including infrastructure projects.
With respect to the third item .. The minister stressed that regard training and education tourism and includes ensuring the exchange of information and experts in the field of education and training tourism and hotel and organizing training courses for cadres Sudanese working in the field of tourism and hospitality, and added: that the last item and private legislation and regulations tourist emphasizes the exchange of legislation and regulations that govern the tourism professions including specifications on hotels, tourist villages and bodies and professional associations and tourist quality control systems in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The minister went on saying that this program comes into effect from the date of signature and shall remain in force for a period of three years and is renewed automatically.

As minister stressed that he had met during the visit with Mr. Muhammad Abdul Karim Hidd – Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Wildlife Sudanese; where the meeting discussed the joint talks to strengthen the bonds of tourism cooperation between the two countries and work to increase tourism inflows to tourist destinations various Egyptian of the State of Sudan during the current period and the development of tourism relations between Egypt and Sudan, pointing out that during the meeting reviewed the many opportunities for investment in tourism in Egypt, stressing that in order to establish an effective partnership between professionals at the level of the government sector and the business sector of tourism.

He added  it has been also held several meetings with representatives of the government sector Sudanese and a group of businessmen working domain tourist presence of the Minister of Tourism Sudanese; in order to identify the requirements of the tourist market Sudanese, were also discussed dispatch of Egyptian experts specialists to train tourist Sudanese, pointing that it has been approved training number (10) of the Sudanese Ministry of Tourism staff the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, as well as discuss the proposal to organize a number of tourist convoys and workshops in the presence of Egyptian tourism companies and their Sudanese counterparts.

The minister stressed that the most important positive results that resulted from the visit was to intensify the co-location of Egypt and Sudan in all international forums, and discuss a proposal launched the new tourism (Tourism Organization of African States) and the lines of the World Tourism Organization and the Organization of Arab tourism, that the organization aims proposed to increase intra-regional tourism and enhance international tourism marketing common among African countries (Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia), and in addition to the organization of joint flights under the name of a journey and the Nile Valley.

The minister pointed out that Egypt received 198.018 tourists Sudanese in 2012, spent 3,923,017 million tourist nights, which is a positive indication about the possibility of doubling the number of tourist nights and tourists from this market; since it is a market relatively stable, adding that the evidence for that is that it has a slight decline in 2012 reached -1.18% compared to 2011.


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