Government: Sudan Ready ‘ for tourism .. We focused on raising the rate of investment with Khartoum


President Bashir and President

President Bashir and President

A number of Ministers, who accompanied President Mohamed Morsi, during his recent visit to Sudan, to achieve a number of goals for growth and increasing investment in the agricultural and tourism, noting «On Sudan Tourism», during a press conference, Sunday, at the presidential headquarters , on this visit.

Dr. Ashraf Arab, Minister of Planning, said that the Sudan is an important country «in terms of economic and development for Egypt», adding that «our development goals to be achieved, where we focused on achieving increased levels of investment and economic growth, and to achieve the highest degree of food security and social justice, the concept of focusing on villages disadvantaged, and to focus on the labor market ».

explained« Arab »that« it was agreed on the opening of the land route east of the Nile, within days, after being on hold for the last 12 years since 2001, and the agreement was to opening  development is very important, and will have a payoff and will participate in the development plans Economically  », stressing that« such projects will have a impulse and give a pig push on the economic projects », and concluding definitely on optimism the government of the visit and that« this file will push very large ». For his part, Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism, that the number of  Sudanese tourist « reached 200 thousand tourists », adding that«that they target 20% of Arab tourists,and tourist coming  from Sudan considered tourists according to the definition of the International ».

and he pointed to an agreement of the two governments« In the coming years from 2013 to 2015, will be through opportunities joint marketing, tourism, and interested development cadres tourist from Sudan, until the idea of ​​integration in the future, Sudan hungry for tourism, Egyptian investment in Sudan integrated understanding of the needy tourism investment in this regard, and promote international ». added« Zazoa »:« We agreed to help Sudan in the field of tourism, and we work with and Ethiopia to create the first organization of tourism African international support ».

and he explained Dr. Salah Abdul Momen, Minister of Agriculture, said that Egypt and Sudan« linked by one irrigation and agriculture in the two countries, along with the presence of many agreements between them, come and visit President Mohamed Morsi to confirm its support for Sudan », adding that «A year ago, and signed the Ministries of Agriculture Egyptian and Sudanese, the Convention for the production of the wheat crop in the winter, and summer corn production, along with the agreement to establish a model farm by 500 acres, a farm research for the transfer of agricultural technology to Sudan so that the house experience, and be an opportunity to create a farm to Africa» . concluded by pointing out that it was agreed to establish a farm animal production, between Egypt and Sudan.


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