11 Travel Tips Prior to Boarding That Plane

Travel Beckons

As a follow-up to the 101 Pre-Trip Ritual for the Discerning Traveller, this list here features some of my quirky travel practices prior to boarding a plane. 🙂


11 Travel Tips Prior to Boarding That Plane

1. Pre-empt & Avoid the Hassle / Dirty Looks
This depends alot on the strictness of rules in the airport that you are in but most are stringent about checks on laptops, jackets, headgears, belts with metal etc. You can always carry your jacket,cap or items with metal (provided it is not restricted items!) in your carry-on bag when going through immigration checks and scanning. This will definitely save time from removing articles of clothes or worst, causing a line-up where people cast you dirty looks!

2. Things You Should Not Check In
It is better to be safe than sorry. Pack your valuables or items that are fragile in your hand-carry bag…

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