Sudan World Tourist Expo launched in April

The launch of the first global Sudan exhibition for Tourist and shopping in Khartoum on the eighth of April and will lasts for five days, with the participation of European countries and Asian and Arab and countries from all over the glob.

The minister at a news conference in Khartoum early this month  said The main objective of this exhibition is to establish the presence of Sudan in the global tourist market and increased foreign tourist coming  the country’s , and to highlight the enormous potential of tourism in Sudan, and attract Arab and foreign investments.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Wildlife Mohammed Abdul Karim

Minister of Tourist and Antiquities and Wildlife Mohammed Abdul Karim

And the number of countries announced their engagement so far, are France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic, next to South Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea the and Mauritius, next to Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and Djibouti.

The minister Abdul Karim added that the exhibition will contain  events that reflect the diversity of the Sudan and the richness of Nile cruises and offers popular and folk and jockeys, horses, boats, and shows the states and art exhibitions. Contests and prizes honoring the pioneers in the field of tourist and others related fields.

and he Acknowledged many obstacles, obstacles that intersections with the ​​work of Tourist, said they seek to remove them, “We are at the beginning of the road”, noting that visas to Sudan throughout the day of the show and before will be easy and free of any delay or routine procedures.


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